Friday, January 02, 2015

We Moved....Again

I TOTALLY forgot to mention that we actually moved again.  We closed on our house at the beginning of October.    We bought a house again!! WAHHH.  My commute to work was horrendous and it was taking up 3-4 hours of my day.   I had a choice, I could quite my cushy job in which I have weekends and holidays off or move.   We decide it was time to buy a house again.   The house we lived in was just not worth the money they wanted for it in our eyes.  So we moved back down to the Maple Valley area and bought a 5.75 acre property with a 3400 sq foot house and a second detached garage, total of 5 car garage.  It's a great house and a great location.  Close to town, but far enough out to have some privacy.   The kids are adjusting very well moving back to MV, we have had little complaints.   Life feels less crowding down here and more at home.   Here are some pictures of our move.

6 Truck loads later and this is what we moved into:

Our second garage for a total of 5 car garage

Large Kitchen

Large Family Room open to kitchen.

Living room, we needed to stretch the carpet again!

Master Bedroom (part of it)

Beautiful fall day!

Street where we live

First snow, November 2014

First Christmas in our new home 2014

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