Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Wow It's been a year

A year went by soon very fast.  The last time I wrote we had just moved and EJ just left for his mission a few weeks before.  A lot  has happened this last year.  To much actually so I will have to just highlight the happenings.

Lets see...

1.  EJ has been out on his mission now for 15 months, he will be back this November (2016 0_0)  Already.  He is doing well in Fresno.  EJ is now a Zone Leader in the area and working in the Young Single Adult area.  We miss  EJ a ton.  He is very happy.  When EJ comes back,  he will go right to school in either Idaho (BYU Idaho) or Utah.  He is still back and forth about where to go although he has been accepted already by BYU Idaho.

2.   TJ also went on a LDS mission this year.  He left in August 2015 and is now serving in Orlando Florida spanish speaking.  He went the same training center in Mexico City as EJ.  He was homesick at first but is doing so much better now that he is in Orlando. We miss him a to.   He is also very happy and serving others.  He is doing very well.

3.  I would like to reiterate that I now have 2 boys out on LDS Missions at the same time.  Both left 9 months apart from each other.  I am super proud and honored to be their mom and the great choices they have made.  They have been ANGELS.   All my kids really have been angels.

4.  Last February (2015), I switch jobs and went into a 6 months training to become a surgery recovery room nurse.  I was already working in the surgery center as a pre op and post op nurse but this training has helped me to become proficient in the critical care of surgery which will help me in the future.  It's been almost a year and I love it, although sometime I get a little scared when patients are having serious medical issues after surgery.  That fear will ease with time I know.

5.   Rae is now in running start.  She is in college full time to fulfill her high school credits plus get a associate degree by the time she graduates high school.   She is doing very well and is in her second quarter at the college now.   She is also working part time and is self sufficient.  As a junior in high school she is doing fabulous.

6.   CJ is now homeschooled.   Although the school district was doing the best they could do, CJ was just not thriving.  His grades were tanking and he was just struggling in school.   We thought about it for a few months, and started to test an online after school program/homeschooling that my sister uses for her homeschool.  He felt happier.  He felt he was being successful.  James and I both agreed. So January, we pulled him out of school and started this online homeschooling program full time.   At first he struggled to understand that mom was serious about him having a routine schedule with classes just like public school but know he mostly doing all his classes without to much complaint.  He works on all subjects everyday as planned.   Every Sunday night I set his schedule of modules he has to get done on a daily basis for all 5 subjects including Math, English, Social Studies, Science (Earth), spelling, reading and writing.   He is thriving finally.   I am proud of him and it was the right decision even though I not really into homeschooling in general.

7.  AJ (my baby) is doing well.  In 1 week he joins the young mens program at church.   He is my last to go into young mens.   Its surreal.   He is doing well in school.  He is my little brain yack.  He know a lot of things for being so young.  It is cute.

8.  On December 7th, 2015, I broke my right femur, a distal rotational fracture (complete break) actually.   December 8th 2015, I had emergency surgery and now sporting a metal plate and tons of screws in my right femur and yes I have a scar the whole length of my thigh past my knee.  It hurts 8 weeks later but not like it did when it broke.  The pain was worse then childbirth by far.  My life is forever changed.   This whole process has been a little depressing I will admit.  It's been hard for me as much as I don't want everyone to know that.   I try to keep a smile on my face.   I am getting some good muscles on my arms and can now lift myself up on a chair from a sitting position just using my arms.  I am super women when it comes to going up and down the stairs on my bum. YAY.

9.  I am non weight bearing for another 6 weeks minimum. We will see what the X-rays look like at the next appointment (March 8th) before the doc releases me to weight bear.   My life has changed.  I now sport a old lady walker because the doctor is afraid I will fall with crutches.   I started back to work this past week and its been very tiring.  It is probably a little too soon.

10.  Physical therapy is painful.   I go to PT 3 times a week and it will be my new life for another 3-6 months sadly.  The doctor said not to expect my leg to be normal for at least a year.   sigh.  My leg is always painful at this point as my knee is super stiff and my knee bend is only at 90 degrees right now.  Up from 30 degrees 4 weeks ago.  Yay.

11.  James business is going well.  His work is keeping him super busy.  I have kept that man super busy with taking me here and there, driving me to PT, helping me out around the house as I am wheelchair/walker bound.   He's been a saving grace with this bad injury.   Thank you James.

12.  This year will be an interesting year.   Healing leg, a missionary coming home, work, more work and kids growing up.

Well as you can see a lot has happened this past year.  Lets hope this year is less chaotic although I think I will see less chaos in 2017 then this year.  :)

Thanks for listen..


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