Monday, April 08, 2013

Who's the Bachelor degree nurse in the house!!.. ME!! :)

Yes it is official, I am done, I am finished, I am finally have a Bachelor Degree in Nursing!! What can I say.  This semester has been a rough semester for me, working 3 days a week and going to school full time.  My house is a mess, my weight is up but I now ready to get life going.    It has been an exciting but stressful 4 1/2 years since I first started nursing school...   Do you remember this post.... Acceptance letter.  It's has been a little over 4 years ago since I wrote that small post.

So what am I going to do now in no particular order ....

  •  Spend time with the family
  •  Gut the house
  •  Relax
  •  Get my kids back into good graces with their schools grades wise
  •  Exercise 
  • Get this weight off once and for all!!
  • Sign up for a 1/2 marathon or 2
  • Start back up my weight loss challenge
  • Go travel this summer all over the country with the boys for their lacrosse tournaments
  • Catch up on all my favorite shows and things to do
  • Take a BREAK!!!


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