Tuesday, June 25, 2013

New Job Alert!!

Yes this is my new badge, terrible picture but what can you expect :)

Yes this girl is changing jobs!!  

 It was almost like clockwork...

... as soon as I got that bachelor degree I got tons of interviews for nursing jobs all over the area.  I had a few offers, but I finally pick the job that would interfere the least with home life and NOT keep me gone at night and weekend.  I will be working at a pre/post op day surgery unit on the day shift.   I will be home before the kids get home from school each day and they won't even know I am gone.  I am nervous and excited.  The only down part is I will be commuting 40 minutes each way but it will be worth it to be home with the kiddos and not have them realized I've been gone for work.  I will be still subbing at the school district here and there to keep my options open in the future but for now it is best I work in a hospital setting to gain that experience I really need as a RN.    YAY!!

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