Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Yes, it's my LAST semester!! and update


I am in my 3rd week of school and can't even believe it's my last semester before I finish my degree in Nursing.   This time though I will be getting a Bachelor's Degree!!..  Just saying those words are surreal.  It's been a long road.   I have been going to school since January 2008, either full time or part time.  These last 3 semesters my full time status has helped me to finish faster.  I am going from a Associated Degree in Nursing to a Bachelor Degree in one years time!!   I will be the first in my ADN graduating class with a Bachelor Degree!!!

This semester I am taking my Critical Care Nursing class, Nursing Leadership, and a religion class called Family Foundations, which focuses on the importance of the family unit and preserving it.  The class is based of the principles found in the  Family Proclamation.  It's been very insightful thus far and has made me thing about how little I know the true nature and character of God and his plan for us.

These last few weeks I have also been working full time for the school district covering for one of the nurses who has been out.  Spending all my days working and all my nights doing schoolwork and trying to be a mom has been no fun.   It has been stressful!  I don't know how anyone, especially mom's can work full time.   My sub assignment is done on Friday so I am relieved... It's been a very long 4 weeks!!!   I've made lots of money but LONG....  Now I can go back to working 1 or 2 days a week for the district.

The Hubby....

Well everything is going well with James.  He has been working for Julep for 6 month now and has made some huge strides with web development.  They are still working out the bugs with the site but overall it has been a mass improvement from the very limited old site.  There will be more things to come on the site in the next few months.  Much more functionality... Geez look at me, I am talking geek stuff.  :)   Sadly I hear stuff like "functionality" "web development" all the time in my home!! It's rubbing off. :)   James likes his job, he is happier since switching from Zumiez!!

The Kids....

Well we have had a eventful few month,  EJ and TJ made the Elite Seattle Starz team and have been traveling all over the country competing in lacrosse tournaments with their team.  They took silver at the Las Vegas Adrenaline tournament and went 4 our of 6 at the San diego Adrenaline Tournament.  The San diego tournament was amazing!! There were TONS of recruiters there, and they even got approached by someone asking them to come to their recruiting camp this summer, plus many more email invites.   It's been both and EXPENSIVE and a EXCITING few months!!  They both are trying out for the West Coast Starz team  in two weekends, which is a team covering the whole West coast.  They plan to play for Seattle Starz again this summer once their HS season is over.  They will be going to Idaho in regular session as part of their games, which should be fun.  Besides lacrosse, our house has become the teenage hangout location.  We have lots and lots of their friends over every break and weekend.  It's like one continuous party at our house!!  At least I can monitor them and they can have a drug and alcohol free, safe place to hang out at, which is extremely important to me.  I swear this past weekend we had 10+ extra teenagers in our house all weekend at one point or another.   The younger 2,  James and I,  have been kicked out of our downstairs part of the house, but that's ok because I would not have it any other way!

Rae decided to do girl lacrosse this year and is taking a beginner class for the next 6 weeks.  This class will help her prepares for the upcoming spring season.  She will be on the Eastside Eagles Team with her mom as an assistant coach!! 0_0.  Yes, ME!!  They asked me to become a assistant and I was stupid enough to say yes even with my busy schedule.  I better learn the girls game because it is completely different then the boys game of lacrosse!!  Her season starts in March.   Besides lacrosse, Rae is doing well in school, is taller then me now by an inch, loves to shop, loves to cook, and loves being with her friends.  A typical teenage girl!

CJ and AJ are hanging out with James and I a lot now that our teenagers are hanging out with their friends.   They both LOVE playing Minecraft and end up spending most weekend with us up in our room watching movies or going out with us.   They both will be starting lacrosse in a month or so and have been practicing wall ball on our lacrosse rebounder to get them up to speed.   James stepped down as the JV coach for Woodinville so he could help coach CJ's 5/6 team this year.  CJ needed some daddy TLC and lacrosse TLC, so James thought it was best.  TJ will be assistant coach this year helping Dad out.  AJ's 4th session will be on a  3/4 travel team instead of the home team, meaning he will have games all over the area instead of our community.  It is going to be an interesting season with 5 games a week possibly 6 with our teenagers being on the varsity team.

Anyways, I better run.  It's late, I'm tired, and CRANKY... :)    so off to bed I go.  I will proofread tomorrow for errors!!.

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Tahlia B. said...

I wanted to first off thank you for visiting my blog. Secondly, I have to say that in reading this post, you sound incredibly busy! I bet it pays off though and I'm sure you know you're blessed regardless of your accomplishments. Anyhow, I think it's neat that your hubby works for Julep and that you get the inside scoop on things...definitely a perk. ;) Congrats on his 6 months and to you and your Bachelor's! :D