Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Remember when I said....

Remember when I said and thought that people who went gluten free were absolutely ridiculous? Yes you hear of people having allergies to gluten (wheat) but never really truly believed it.   Yep!! I remember saying some negative things on occasion, and even told James I thought it was wrong to stay away from wheat products because it was "essential" and "a very important grain".

Well this girl is eating her words......  because this girl has a ......

ALLERGY to WHEAT.   Blood test don't lie, dang nabit.

and  then I found out another dreaded fact..

This girl is also....

ALLERGIC to CASEIN (milk protein, (nerd alert) which has similar molecular structure to wheat). Which means dairy is out, since practically all dairy has casein in it.

The long and short of this dramatic post is that I have spent a week now trying to figure out how to change my diet and not feel all I can eat is fruit, veggies and meat.

So how did this all start.....

I have had off and on headaches for years.  It use to be I'd get them 1 time a week.  Within the last year I have had mass debilitating migraine headaches almost every other day.  It was getting to the point were I would drive into work nauseous and about ready to puke.  Then I would spend the whole day just trying to get through work, smiling, and then go home and be absolutely drained all night.  It was almost like my body had to recover from having such a mass headache.  I was also feeling like I had a constant brain fog.  The bought of my stomach hurting (you get my point) was also concerning.  I am not one to start thinking to stress about medical issues but I was starting to worry there was something very wrong with me.

So I decided to go to the doctor. 12 vials of blood later and low and behold I find out I have a wheat and casein allergy.   Not only that but I am have some serious vitamin D deficiency (welcome to the North West!!).   Only a words and my life has changed forever.

The first day I mourned (ask everyone at work).    Why would I mourn for something so trivial?  I just mourned for the fact that I could no longer do what other people do.  I can't eat that yummy monthly cake that sits at our work counter, I can't eat the delicious chocolate cake from costco, and I can't have thai food (which is my favorite).  It going to take some getting use to as I not particle to the taste of gluten free foods.

Over the weekend, I did find out things I can and can't have.  Headaches (and feeling awful) are my trial and error now in regards to food.  Everything out there has wheat and milk in it.  Even the gluten free products say "made in a factory that also produces wheat and milk etc etc.   It was fun looking through Fred Meyers, trying to figure out what i could eat. I also found a whole gluten free store in Kirkland.  I will venture out there this weekend.   I did find some soy and almond milk yogurt.  I also found a goats milk yogurt.  I am not sure about that one as I dislike the taste of goats milk  but I will try it too.

I await more of my test to come back to rule out celiac disease and 100+ food allergies.  I can see it happen, I am allergic to more of the food I love.  :)  Won't surprise me at all.

On another note, the family is doing good, my work is going good, and James company, Ottemo, is doing well.     We are 3 months away from EJ leaving on his mission, TJ is now in the process of hiking Mt Olympic with his church group, Rae is at girls camp, EJ and AJ are hanging out with us old folks.  All good.   Life is good.

Update:  My test came back a month later and I am weak positive for Celiac Disease!!! Great.   It is now January 2nd and I will admit I feel so much better then I did a few months back, and have even lost 30 lbs not even trying.   I do get a weekly headache to but mostly it is related to accidentally eating something with milk or gluten in it.  Fun!!.  :)

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